Canvas Rating

We ordered a 16″ X 20″ canvas print of the same image from every company on our review list. We compared the the quality of the canvas, frame, image, in addition to the total cost (canvas + shipping) and the time it took from placing our order to getting our canvas. We also factored the reviews companies had on Google Reviews and weighted that score by  number of reviews companies had on Google Reviews (third party reviews that were included in Google Ratings were also considered)


We conducted a blind test of the canvases and asked respondents to give the canvases a score between 1 and 5, 5 being the best, of the following criteria:

Color- Vibrancy

Skin Tone – Redness

Clarity – Crispness

Frame quality – Splintering wood, weight

Wrap quality – Tightness on corners, loose canvas on the back, loose string

Canvas quality – Quality of the material, graininess of canvas

The scores were averaged together to calculate the quality score.


Based on the starting price range for an 8″ x 8′ canvas.

$10 and under – 5 stars

$20 under – 4 stars

$30 and under – 3 stars

>$50 – 2 stars

Third Party Rating

The rating collected by Google Reviews (or a partner site) weighted by the number of reviews)

1 – > 20,000 reviews

.98 – >5,000 reviews

.96 – > 2,000 reviews

.94 – > 1,000 reviews

.5 – 0 reviews

Customer Service

How the company handled issues with our orders plus 3rd party feedback.

Ease of Ordering

How easy was it to upload a photo, reposition a photo, resize a photo,see a proof


How quickly did the canvas arrive? How much did it cost? Did the product arrive damaged?